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Archived Links to Uniform Guidance Resources and Materials

The Circular

Uniform Guidance original release on the Federal Register website, 2013-12-26

Press release from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), 2013-12-19

NMSU Implementation

Campus Announcement, 2015-01-26 (pdf):

Report to the Administrative Council, 2015-01-12 (pdf) 

Announcement from the Provost, 2014-12-16 (pdf)

Project management page on SPA website

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Materials

Request for Feedback on the Uniform Guidance from COFAR and OMB, 2015-02-20  (pdf)

OMB Blog Post about Uniform Guidance metrics, 2014-09-30
Related Memo to Federal Agencies, 2014-09-30.

OMB Uniform Grant Guidance webcast, 2013-12-20 (video)

OMB Memo on Voluntary Uncommitted Cost Share, 2001-01-05.

Internal Controls References

Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework (pdf)

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Green Book

Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) Materials

COGR email Dear Colleagues Note from the COFAR, 2014-11-26 (pdf)

COGR email Update on Technical Corrections to the UG, 2014-11-18 (pdf)

October Meeting Report excerpts related to Uniform Guidance, 2014-11-12 (pdf); related meeting presentations:

COGR Member Survey on DS-2 Use for COFAR/OMB, 2014-10-21 (pdf)

Letter to OMB on DS-2 Submission, 2014-10-10 (pdf)

Letter to OMB on Technical Corrections, 2014-10-09 (pdf)

Letter to OMB on MTDC Subawards, 2014-09-26 (pdf)

COGR Guide to the OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, Version 2, 2014-09-17 (pdf)

Update: Uniform Guidance and FAQ, 2014-07-27 (pdf)

COGR Response Letter to NSF on PAPPG changes, 2014-07-01 (pdf)

COGR Proposed FAQs, 2014-06-26 (pdf)

Letter to OMB on Procurement and Fringe Benefits Implementaion, 2014-06-17 (pdf)

June 2014 Meeting Report excerpts regarding Uniform Guidance, 2014-07-02 (pdf); related meeting presentations:

COGR Guide to the Uniform Guidance, 2014-04-17 (superseded by Version 2) (pdf)

Implementation Plan, 2014-03-10 (pdf)

February 2014 meeting presentations:

Huron Consulting Group Materials  (Huron Consulting Group provides consulting support to clients in several industries, including higher education.) 

UG "Go Live" Checklist, 2014-12-19 (pdf)

Client Update on Uniform Guidance, 2014-06-18

Assessing the OMB Uniform Guidance: Major Changes and Impacts, 2014-03-21 (pdf)

Clifton Larson Allen Materials  (Clifton Larson Allen is a consultancy providing wealth advisory, outsourcing, and public accounting services.) 

Implementation Checklist, 2014-12-18 (xlsx)

Uniform Guidance Nonprofit Newsletter, 2014-12-18 (pdf)

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